Why Should You Not Consume Steroids? Whether You Are A Fitness Freak Or Not.

Steroids are also known as pre-workout supplements or as multi-ingredient help; however, did you know these steroids are actually very much unhealthy and harmful for you?

Are they really safe? Are they really beneficial for you? Well, the answer to this is a yes and a no. Some of the steroids are genuinely helpful whilst the other ones can be deadly for you.

Let’s see how.

Steroids are basically used for extra help in building the muscles and body mass; which we might have seen cricketers, athletes taking in order to boost their performance faster.

While these steroids work on you consuming the right amount is really necessary, else it may even cause death. And nobody would want that right?

There are different types of steroids available such as Creatine, Matrix Metalloproteinase (MMP), Dimethylamylamine (DMAA). Creatine is often prescribed by doctors that it does help in building muscles; however, overdose can again be dangerous whereas DMAA is said to be the most dangerous one.

The reason being it has a lot of pros when compared to the other two steroids. It shortens your breath, makes you feel a lot heavier in your chest, causes heart attack, increases your blood pressure, and narrows down your blood vessels, and probably whatnot.

Everything suitable for you when it is consumed or done right. Think twice and save lives!!