Why Should You Eat More Fiber? Where Exactly Can We Find Them?

Fiber is incredibly important as it helps in digestion and making your stomach glands feel healthy in themselves. However, certain types of fiber help in losing weight with the right amount.

Fiber helps in fighting constipation and even helps in lowering the sugar level.

The Academy of nutrition and a source recommends that the consumption of 14 grams of fiber is extremely great and the most appropriate number in order to be fit and healthy.

Unfortunately, almost 95% of people don’t meet the needs of fiber consumption and hence leading them to being sick more often.

Fiber acts as a pure blanket for any kind of food that you eat. So, even if you’ve eaten a good amount of heavy food or foods high in carbohydrates, fiber can easily help you digest everything without having a single problem.

There are certain benefits of fiber and they are:

1. It helps in reducing cholesterol.

2. It helps in promoting a healthy weight.

3. It helps your intestines to be healthier and is a great source of help when it comes to digestion.

4. It helps in balancing your sugar level.

5. It prevents and helps you from getting cancer.

Foods that are rich in fiber and are really beneficial for you.

· Apples

· Strawberries

· Pears

· Avocado

· Raspberries

· Bananas

· Carrots

· Beets

· Broccoli

· Tomatoes and more…