Why Are Street Foods So Unique?

Updated: Apr 9

When I speak about street food to you what’s the first thing that comes to your head? Pani-puri or pav bhaji or maybe even both?

Yeah, that’s exactly what happens with me when my friends talk about street food.

My stomach growls, mouth-water, and the temptation of eating almost eating can never subside down.

Here’s how street food is efficient and more reasonable to people than restaurants.

1. It’s a lot cheaper. So, if you are cravings for something quick and spicy; it’ll be street food for you then.

2. The cost is a lot more reasonable than the restaurants we keep visiting. Let’s say you went to a restaurant and ordered a sandwich worth Rs.150/- the same sandwich when ordered at the street food stalls, you get it for Rs. 20/-, Rs. 25/-, Rs. 30/- and so on…

3. And, of course, with all these people tend to save a lot of money and do not feel the need to visit a high-class restaurant.

4. You get a wide range of foods at just one place, so let’s say you’ve been to a stall and asked for Mosambi juice, along with it you’ll have a range of different other flavors that will tempt you of trying them out.