Want To Eat Something Healthy Yet Indian?

Has there been a specific cuisine you like? Is that Indian Cuisine? Well, if yes then here’s a few dishes that can help you with low calories taste.

1. Ragi dosa:

A famous south Indian dish that is really helpful for people who looking for their weight.

2. Buttermilk:

Also, popularly known as Chaas, has a low amount of calories which 32.

3. Dal tadka:

This may sound impossible but this dish is been cooked most authentically and hence, it is a low amount of calories again.

4. Sprout salad:

This salad is not only rich in fiber but also rich in protein and health. It contains 95 calories but is quite a lot healthier than any other dish.

If you are looking out for your weight make sure to have these as they are a lot helpful daily.