Want To Control Diabetes? Let's See How Can We Do It.

Updated: Apr 23

What are ways that we can control Diabetes?

1. Exercise Regularly

2. Have a balanced Carb intake.

3. Make sure to increase your fiber intake.

4. Have plenty of water and keep yourself hydrated.

5. Make sure you have a diet plan chat and keep your portion of eating in control.

6. Choose good foods that have a low Glycaemic Index (GI).

7. Have control of your stress level & reduce it.

8. Keep an eye on your sugar level and check it on a regular basis.

9. Always have a proper 8 hours sleep.

10. Foods that are rich in Chromium and Magnesium should be consumed.

11. Make a point of having Apple Cider Vinegar.

12. Eat fruits like Dragon fruit and others which are extremely great for people with diabetes.

13. Lastly, maintain your body weight.

Hoping all this comes of some help to you as being healthier is our motive to help you with.