This Season Of Ramadan Consume Water In The Right Way!

Updated: Apr 22

When you feel thirsty what’s the first thing you do? Gulp down water or grab a bottle of aerated drink? And if you grab a bottle of water, let us tell you some interesting facts and how to drink water in this season of Ramadan.

1. There’s still the same amount of water available right from the time earth was formed. Also, another interesting fact is that the water which we are drinking today may still contain molecules of dinosaurs. As they consumed the same water.

2. Water is also consisting of two elements are Hydrogen & Oxygen. And hence the formula for water comes H2O.

3. Almost 97% of the water is salty and undrinkable. 2% is belonging to the ice and the glaciers and the last 1% is for human needs that are for agriculture, mining, drinking, residential, and manufacturing.

4. Water regulates the body temperature as well as the temperature of the earth.

5. Almost 75% of the human body consist of water and the other 75% is something that a living tree holds.

6. People often say that a human can stay without water but not without food, well, that’s the opposite. A human body can stay without food for about a month, but it can only stay without water for about a week.

7. Even the frozen water is lighter than the water which is why ice floats on water.

8. Last, but not least, have water in 3 sips for it will reach your system accurately and will create a healthy balance for your oxygen too.

With different places in the country yet united by one thing, Water. It is indeed an essential commodity and something that we genuinely require that on our day-to-day basis.