The Best Street Foods Are Here

Updated: Apr 8

Street food in India is most popularly known for its taste. When it comes to cultures and traditions each one has its own variety, taste, and style.

There are thousands of dishes; however, we picked up the best ones for you.

Here’s a list of street foods that you should definitely try in case if you are new to this place.

1. Chole Bhature:

This is a well-known and quite famous Punjabi dish which everyone enjoys eating. It’s a total lip-smacking dish that will make your taste buds wander. This dish can be eaten during breakfast or even during lunch.

2. Lassi:

This is the second most liked and reviewed dish. People enjoy having Lassi garnished with dry fruits and Kesar.

3. Momos:

Well, if you’ve ever been to Delhi you’ll know that every other place has a momo stall. Momos are Tibetan dumplings which are pretty famous in northern India, it can be cooked, steamed, vegetarian or even chicken to that very matter.

4. Dabeli:

This is a popular street food mostly found in Gujrat; however, Mumbai is no less. It consists of a potato mixture and is garnished with crispy sev and onion with some coriander.

5. Dosas:

You get a variety of different styles in this. Masala dosa, Chinese dosa, Mushroom chili cheese dosa, and lots more… This street food may be found in all the streets of Mumbai.