Street Foods At Bandra

Are you a resident of Mumbai? Or have you recently shifted here? Well, if your answer is a yes or a not it doesn’t matter because this blog is beneficial for both. And with this, we have the most popular and the most visited place in Mumbai.

Bandra, the place which is liked by everyone not because it is livelier; but because it is a one-stop-shop for everyone. Beginning with different styles & patterns of dresses to an entire lane of collection for shoes. Who doesn’t like shopping, I think almost everyone does, yeah?

Here at Bandra, you will find street shopping as the highest-ranking thing for people. People from various places come to feel the chaos and liveliness of the busiest streets of Bandra. There’s one more thing about this place that makes it even more updated and alive.

And that’s the street food life in Bandra. Yes, you’ve heard it right; the street food here is the most happening thing ever. What could be better than shopping and eating street food? Here’s the list of street food that you can eat whenever you are at Bandra.

Seekh Kebab at Safe Catering:

Chicken Seekh Kebab at Safe catering is very well-known for its taste and tantalizing aroma and most of all it is even known for the pocket-friendly budget it has to offer you. It is just 15 minutes away from Bandra West Station.

· Rating: 4/5

· Price: Rs.25/- per plate.

Chicken Roll at A1 National bakery:

This roll has an outstanding surprise and is filled with the goodness of chicken and masala. My mouth has begun to water already. The filling of freshly cooked chicken and an extra soft bun with the goodness of melted butter and a tint of coriander over it. Umm, it smells deliciously amazing, don’t you think? The taste of chicken roll is just so delicious and will fit in your budget as well.

· Rating: 4.5/5

· Price: Rs.30/-

Malai Kulfi at Guddi Ice-cream parlor:

The Kulfi here at Guddi ice-cream parlor is heavenly and is a total delicacy. This is something that is not meant to be found at every place especially when it comes to street food. This is exactly opposite St. Stanislaus high school, Bandra, which is exactly 10 mins away from Bandra west station.

· Rating: 4/5

· Price: Rs. 25/-

Vegetable Cheese Sandwich at Street food corner:

This is something really unique and has an overall rating of 5 on 5. This means the sandwich here is an outstanding delicacy and of course the best thing that your taste buds would like. The chutney and the cheese over the sandwich make a fabulous combo for your taste buds. You can find this opp. Croma showroom, Linking Road.

· Rating: 4.5/5

· Price: Rs.50/-

Pizza Dosa at South Indian corner:

Have you ever heard pizza dosa? Well, I hadn’t heard about it too as well. But when I tried about it trust me it was the most delicious thing ever that I ate. Crisp dosa topped with veggies, cheese, mayo, butter, and tangy sauce along with garlic chutney, what could be better than this? This is definitely going to be a pot full and nonetheless, it is in the same lane where you get a Sandwich.

· Rating: 4.5/5

· Price: Rs.100/-

This is a list of places out in Bandra we thought you should know, if at all you think that we’ve missed out on something then you can definitely let us know and we’ll be glad to cover that place as well.