Stop Anxiety With These Foods; Anxiety Can No Longer Trouble You

Updated: Apr 23

With the daily life-changing and things happening around us, there are a million unexpected things that happen around us. And with this, it becomes really impossible for a person to deal with their emotional stability.

And when the person comes across with anxiety things turn out totally another way for them.

Research shows that anxiety has been the global caused situation which is been faced by millions of people. Here is how you can deal with anxiety with the help of foods.

It is also known as Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD). This could go to the bad phase if not treated at the earliest.

GAD includes the following and how can we cure it with foods:

1. Tension & unrealistic fear

2. Excessive stress and worry about unwanted things

3. Not able to concentrate on anything even yourself

4. Not feeling okay even to just lay on the bed

5. Irritability

6. Higher heart rate

7. Muscle tension & heaviness in the chest.

How can we reduce the troubles of anxiety, here’s how:

1. Eggs

2. Brazil nuts

3. Fruits

4. Pumpkin seeds

5. Fatty fish

6. Dark chocolate

7. Chamomile Tea

8. Jasmine Tea

9. Yoghurt

10. Green Tea

We understand how difficult would it be for you to handle things alone, hope we eased some burden for you.