Want To Get Saved? Start Eating Eggplant...

Updated: Apr 23

Eggplant has various benefits as well as there are some side-effects to it. It was originally found in Asia & India where it grows crazily.

It is a night-plant and has various other varieties to it such as a Black bell, Dusky, Ghostbuster, Slim Jim, and more others…

It has various other servings of nutrients which are included of Calories, Protein, Fiber, and Carbohydrates.

There are even Minerals and Vitamins in eggplant which are essential in various other ways.

Eggplant and other nightshade veggies consist of Chemical Solanine which creates inflammation in people with arthritis, making it even worse.

And in case if you find your joint pain increasing after consuming eggplant. PLEASE STOP IT for you would definitely not want to risk your life for a veggie, right?