Should Men Cook Or Not?

Updated: Apr 3

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Let’s assume you reside with a family of four and your parents along with your sister decide to go on a trip leaving the house alone to you. What would you decide to do if you were in that situation? Would you stay home or would keep ordering till the time they don’t come back home? Or would you surf YouTube for some cooking videos and trying cooking by yourself to save some amount of money.

Well, that’s exactly why I think that men should learn to cook; not because they need to be the one to cook in the house for the later future but because they need to feed their stomach as an individual.

With research over 87% of men are patient and cook delicious meals when compared to women and the proof to that is some of the most famous men Chefs we have today in India and abroad. Cooking is constant proof that you love and care for your family and friends

If you are a man and you’re reading this, get into your kitchen and make some nice delicious meals for your loved ones, and see how much they shall cherish your cooking.