Quick & Easy Dishes To Prepare In An Hour

Updated: Apr 5

Let’s consider, approximately around 7 you get a call from your loved one stating that there’s going to be a dinner party at home. What would your first reaction be like?

Well, stress no more here’s how you can tackle the situation with these quick & easy dishes that get dressed in an hour.

1. Red Pepper Pasta:

Being frank enough this dish takes a maximum of 15 minutes along with stirring, cooking, and adding the sauces.

2. Braised chicken:

This dish takes nearly about 30mins for the entire preparation. And, it’s a Thai- Indian dish that makes you drool over its aroma.

3. Turkey Piccata:

This dish shouldn’t let you limit your quality time. It is super quick to make and utterly delicious.

4. Steak Fries:

Here’s a secret to steak fries, if cook properly it’ll be exactly like dining at the 7-star restaurant.