Tomatoes - Nutrients & Benefits

Updated: Apr 26

As we all know that tomatoes were originally fruits later with the cases and scientific researches tomato was said to be a vegetable.

Tomatoes are also said to be rich in Vitamins, & Potassium. Along with their goodness, they also come in different colors like yellow, orange, green, and purple.

Speaking of extra nutrition benefits that tomato gives you as it contains 95% of water and the rest 5% is carbohydrates and fiber.

It has calories for about 18, 95% of water, Carbs 3.9 grams, Protein 0.9 grams, and Sugar 2.6 grams. And is also rich in minerals.


· It reduces the risk of heart diseases.

· It reduces the risk of cancer as well.

· Is extremely good for your health and skin.

· It helps you in easing your stress and is also said to be a mood fixer.