Most Unique Chaat To Hop On!

Updated: Apr 22

Every time it hits evening my stomach starts to growl for all the junk. And that’s exactly how the thought of being a food blogger came to my head. I know it may seem simple; however, it takes a lot of time, effort, and knowledge, and indeed patience as well.

We have got you covered with food that is tasty and fits your budget. Your search ends here.

At Khayali food, we explore different places and streets for you so that if ever you go wandering to a place you should definitely know what and where to eat or try out a new dish for your stomach and taste buds.

When it comes to eating, a thousand people will only tell you how critical the time is, they may tell you what to do and why shouldn’t you be eating outside. But trust me, when I tell you eating street food while keeping hygiene concept in our heads; is our main motive especially with all the things happening around.

So worry not, we help you to find food places that are clean, hygienic, and tasty too.