Love Having Cola? Well, Here is Why You Should Stop Having It & Include Another Alternative To It.

Updated: Apr 8

What could be a better alternative than having cola?

Well, if you wish to have better health ditch soda right away. Here’s why and how you can do it. If you’re looking out for a healthier diet and focus more on the positive side, you’re not alone.

Research shows that almost 50% of the population have made drastic changes in their lifestyle when it comes to quitting sodas and opting for another alternative for it.

More & more people have begun choosing healthier alternatives over tempting, addictive aerated, and carbonated drinks.

With the growing interest in people’s lives for making their bodies slimmer, healthier and also being fit, soda and carbonated drinks have deduced their consumption percentage by 75%.

In foreign countries, carbonated beverages have faced enormous losses when the reduction in consumption happened.

And when it comes to adding in some good news, the water intake increased by 7%. This simply means that people began to have healthier habits than the unhealthier ones.

Of course, you’ll get the taste, flavor, and everything else, however, you will even get more health-related problems with it.

Reasons why you shouldn’t be having sodas:

1. Obesity, Heart-attacks, & Diabetes: A regular consumption of carbonated drinks with or without alcohol can not only be risking your happiness but also your health in major terms like Heart-Attack, increase in the sugar rates… Do we still need to say more?

2. Weight Gain: With a lot of people’s research, over 27% of people have said that it affects your liver which in turn sends fats to your body and makes you gain weight. So, if you don’t plan on gaining weight this one’s not for you.

3. Cavity: If you aren’t a regular visitor to the dentist, we would definitely recommend you to quit drinking aerated drinks and sodas. It increases a higher amount of risk with your teeth as their a high amount of sugar containment.

Alternatives to Sodas and other carbonated drinks are Coconut water, Juices, Milk-shakes, Kombucha, Fresh lemonade, Detoxing water. All these are extremely good and a lot healthier for you if at all you are planning to quit your unhealthy lifestyle.