Kalina, Santacruz (E): The Homely Place

Updated: Mar 10

Kalina, the name itself is enough for people residing here to match out the vibes. This place has been the hope and faith to many people; also bringing out the best in us.

With me already been a part of traveling to different places, I could match the homely vibe of this place.

The street food out here is outstanding and mesmerizing to your taste buds. It makes you wander from one lane to another and brings in a variety of different chaat and street food.

Be it Chinese bhel, Samosa Pav, Toast sandwich, or even Pani-puri for that matter, you shall have everything to hop on and yet you wouldn’t be full.

I know just by reading all this your mouth has begun to water, well to be honest mine is doing too.

Being a total foodie I think, it has to be a must-visit to all those people who enjoy eating street food. And even if you don’t like eating street food, this place will still make you feel like eating all of it.

So, the minute dusk is about to hit make sure you have your hands on the most mouth-watering street food here at Kalina.