Is Raw Milk Healthy For You During This Pandemic?

Is raw milk good for you? Is it really helpful for your health? Truth or a myth?

As we all know, milk itself is a very good source of Calcium & Vitamins. However, raw milk is even more beneficial for you. Raw milk can be consumed by various animals’ cows, goats, and sheep for that matter.

There are various benefits and nutrients that raw milk holds off:

1. It contains about 150 calories

2. It has Calcium for about 30%.

3. 6% of Vitamins.

4. 10% of Cholesterol.

5. 6% of Iron and 8% fat.

Raw milk helps in excellent digestion power. It is also a good source of magnesium and zinc. And to your secret notice, it is also great with omega-3. A good source of protein that again helps you to stay strong.

And on the other hand, we all know that deficiency of calcium leads to bone problems but raw milk helps you get over all of it. As it is rich in Raw protein, Calcium, Zinc & Magnesium it helps your bone to grow healthy and strong.

About 99% of Calcium lies in your bones and teeth. (P.S having sensitive teeth can be an indication from your body that you have a calcium deficiency. Even the white lines that appear on your nails.)

Milk also helps you in gaining weight, isn’t that amazing? One thing with several other benefits. As it’s a versatile ingredient you can make different varieties of foodstuff like smoothies, milk-shakes, coffee, tea.

And the best part about Raw milk is that it is for everyone. (Except for lactose intolerant.)