Got Blood-Pressure? Control It Right Away; Here's Why...

Updated: May 3

Let’s assume you or your family member is been diagnosed with Blood Pressure.

What’s the first thought that comes to your head? How many medicines do we have to take now? What diet will I need to follow up? Where or how do I reduce the amount of stress that the term Blood Pressure brings me? What should I do now? Right!

Well, let’s cut down the stress for you more. Here are the few and simple things that you can do if controlling your Blood Pressure is your motive or your New Year’s Resolution.

1. Reduce those extra inches on your waistline. Many of you will be wondering why is that, the reason being over-weight can actually make you a lot slower and even lazier to work, also keeping you inactive which thereafter leads to more count in your blood pressure problem.

2. Make it a point of exercising daily. The more active you are the better the results you will get.

3. Have a healthy diet plan which will not only help you be fit but will also help you understand yourself better.

4. Quit smoking and alcohol. Yes, is the major reason why your Blood Pressure can actually shoot up a lot more. Nicotine causes your heart to pressure as it creates a blockage in your blood thereafter causing you a heart problem. Whilst alcohol gives a boost in your sugar level causing your blood pressure to increase and then helping you with diabetes. So, let’s stop that firstly for you.

5. Reduce your stress level. The happier you are the better you will feel about yourself.

6. Get support and make sure of checking your blood pressure on a regular check. After all, balancing yourself is better for you, isn’t it?