Fun Facts About Food & Veggies

Updated: Apr 8

Vegetables are usually found in every place of the earth; however, it varies from place to place. Some of the vegetables are rare and are only found in a few places causing the prices to be a little higher than the other ones.

Taking a look at the different fun facts today will help us understand the entire scenario even better so that the next time you go to the market to purchase them; you shall pick the right one.


1. Bell peppers are known as Capsicum and are also available in different colors such as Purple, Red & Yellow. However, finding Purple bell pepper in India is quite rare. Purple bell pepper is usually grown and found in the Netherlands and has the exact size and shape like that of the Red & Yellow Bell Pepper.

2. Tomatoes are rich in Carotenoid hydrocarbon which is even found in other red foods like Watermelon, Carrots, and Grapefruits. As they are rich in their Hydrocarbon element, they help lower your risk of cancer by 80%.

3. Spinach despite been green in color has a higher amount of Carotenoid hydrocarbon like that of the other foods.

4. We all have the habit of peeling off the skin of a potato and then cooking it. But did you know 90% of the nutrients reside just below the skin of it or underneath the skin layer to be precise?

5. In the US, tomatoes are said to be King of the everything reason being, they are highly consumed than any other fruits or vegetables.

6. Always include a baked potato with the skin in your diet or your diet cycle the reason is, that it has a high amount of dietary fiber which 4 grams.

7. Tomatoes were known as fruit until 1893 and then it took almost years for the Supreme Court to declare that Tomato is a vegetable.

8. It is incredibly recommended to consume at least five servings of fruits per day as they are rich in Proteins, Vitamins & Minerals.

We hope all these interesting facts have actually made you more knowledgeable and has even made you think that even been consuming a fruit or a vegetable all this while.