Fruit Juices Or Cokes This Ramadan?

Updated: Apr 26

Let’s say you have your New Year’s Resolution of reducing weight or being more fit when it comes to your health and then you go ahead and consume these aerated drinks along with your diet. Will you still be able to accomplish what you had planned?

Maybe you can only include more fruits in your diet instead of sodas and aerated drinks. If you plan to fight obesity, you should probably look out for ingredients-based food instead of other preservatives.

Like the companies bring new varieties of their products, you need to include varieties of fruits in your diet and routine.

The major reason why people aren’t able to cut down their unwanted junk is that they are too bound to it and their taste. Of course, they are very much tempting, and hence, you need to find another option for that taste.

However, a fruit salad with some really good presentations and something good cooking at home might help you suffice your cravings. And eventually, with time you will be able to do everything systematically.

You can make different types of juices which barely take time:

1. Diet Juice (Beetroot & Carrot)

This juice is a lot healthier than we can even imagine, and if you are planning on cutting down some extra fats from your body this can be of great help.

2. Mango juice (Seasonal)

Of course, Mango is the seasonal fruit and yet millions of people enjoy having this. This can be in different varieties of milkshakes or even fruit salad for that matter.

3. Milkshakes

Milkshakes during summer can be a great help when it comes to consuming a good amount of liquid. Obviously, how long will you only keep sipping on water, why not try milkshakes this time?

4. Fruit shakes stuffed with real fruit slices.

Having milkshakes with stuffed fruits is a great source of engaging the kids into eating something healthy. They tend to enjoy every bite that comes with a surprise; so let's do this for them.

5. Watermelon juice

Last, but not least watermelon juiced is something that is loved globally mainly for the coolness it has in it. Sliced watermelon and some extra ice cubes can really make your craving worth the while.

So, let’s take a vow to be healthier and include more fruits in our diet.