Dishes That You Should Eat For Breakfast or Lunch.

Updated: Mar 30

Tired and wanting to eat something English, something like those foreign people eats? Then, let me tell you pancakes will be the best option for you.

Hot pancakes, with extra honey and berries over them and a scoop of vanilla ice cream with chocolate syrup. Ummm, it's so tasty already!

Also, vermicelli & upma can be a quick catch for busy runners in today’s life. Little nuts, veggies, and berries can actually be quite stomach-filling for you. And oh.

Don’t forget carrots yeah…

Like having said, there are a lot of people who like eating veg. if keeping things precise for them then there’s Paneer kofta curry which has an immense and delicious taste that can actually make you and your taste buds wander everywhere for the same taste.

Along with the festivals and their rituals, Kheer or Sheerkurma has taken over the market that no sweet dish might have ever taken.

Just in case you don’t feel like eating anything for breakfast or wishes to have something light, this should be the best one for you.