Is Beer Good For Your Hair? Truth Or A Myth?

Updated: Apr 8

With millions of people consuming beer as alcohol; there several other benefits to it as well. Beer benefits to hair, let’s see how…

Beer is the drink that almost 87% of people over the globe enjoy having either with friends or with family over an occasion.

Beer has other impacts too; however, beer can be genuinely great for your hair.

Maybe it might really surprise you, but beer does have a lot of nutrients such as vitamins, proteins.

The beer doesn’t have to be expensive in order to be the best for your hair.

The beer itself is great for your hair. But most importantly make sure that you use alcohol-free beer the reason being, alcohol can actually dry your hair instead of making it bouncy and shiny.

Beer has the ability to hydrate your hair not only that but also enriches your hair color and brings in a better shine.

The main benefits that non-alcoholic beer provides us are:

1. It helps you straighten your hair naturally.

2. Repairs damaged dry hair.

3. Aids in split ends without cutting it.

4. Strengthens your hair right from the scalp.

5. Takes off your dandruff problems.

6. Brings back the lost shine and health of your hair.