An Apple A Day Keeps Doctor Away; Is That A Truth Or a Myth?

Updated: Apr 8

An Apple a day is fact or a myth?

With more likely people saying the proverb “An apple day keeps the doctor away” sources have begun to wonder if this is the true fact or a fake myth.

Here we will see how it has evolved over the generations' days.

The healthy benefits that an apple gives you are:

1. It highly nutritious for you.

2. It contains a lot of iron.

3. It supports your heart health.

4. Controls your diabetic pressure.

5. Contains cancer-fighting pressure.

6. Promotes healthy brain functioning.

7. Helps in weight loss.

8. Keeps your gums and teeth healthy.

9. Improves your bone health too.

10. Good source for your digestion and constipation problem.

And with all this, I feel an apple a day can truly keep doctors away.