Acidity & Ways To Cure That:

We all have suffered through acidity at some point in time. Some digest it with ENO whilst some require a high dosage of medications in order to get cured completely.

Acidity mainly occurs when there’s excessive secretion of acids in your stomach glands. When the secretion is more than usual what we face is heartburn and is mainly caused by the spicy foods that we consume.

How can we cure acidic problems?

1. Skip on your aerated drinks and caffeine as well instead what you can opt for is herbal tea.

2. A glass of Luke warm water does wonders to you, so make sure you have that daily.

3. Including fruits like bananas, watermelon is the best cure for acidity. Do have them in your regular diet.

4. Consumption of coconut water will help you sustain your acidic reaction in your stomach glands.

5. Having a glass of milk every day will soothe your troubles.

6. Having dinner 2 - 3 hours prior to your sleep time is the best time for your digestion.

7. Avoid eating pickles, vinegar, and spicy food right before you have to sleep.

8. Boiling mint leaves in water and having that after your meals is a big source of relief.

9. Jaggery, lemon, banana, yogurt, and almonds are extremely rich in subsiding acidic reactions. Do have these in your daily diet plan in order to avoid acidity.

10. Eat more carrots, spring onion, beans, pumpkin, drumsticks as they are also extremely helpful in curing acidity.