5-minute Foods: That Is Super Handy To Make & Carry

Updated: Mar 30

Have you ever forgotten your lunch box at home and pondered what will I eat during the lunch break?

Have you ever got tired of eating the same food over and over again, wanting some new taste?

We’ve got it covered for you. Here’s a quick list of all the 5-minute food that you can make and carry with you.

· Banana chocolate in a mug.

· 5-minute microwave cheesecake that can make you feel like eating more and more, and trust me it stays really soft and spongy.

· Egg roll

· Bread toast

· Bread, Butter & Jam, I know it may be too old steam for you but believe me, when I say it is still the best food we must have ever eaten when we were kids.

· Mug cake that can be made in the microwave, so if your workplace has a microwave it can be a big-time bonus for you.