5 Cheapest Street Food Of Mumbai Under Rs. 100

Updated: Mar 30

Let’s consider, you are out with your group of friends and you’ll decide on eating something, however, the only amount you are carrying with you is Rs. 100/-.

If ever you come across a situation like that worry not we have the best deal for you.

Here are the 5 cheapest street foods that can fit in your budget, i.e under Rs.100/-

1. Roasted corn: (Bhutta)

This delicacy is cherished by people the most especially during the monsoon season. Finding one is never a difficult task because you can easily find them at every possible turn, every other person is been selling Bhuttas with squeezed lemon and spicy masala. It comes in between Rs. 15/- to Rs.25/-.

2. Vada pav:

Having said what if you are literally starving and want to fill in your stomach at that moment itself. Worry not, your savior is Vada pav… And where do you find it? Well, to be honest, vada pav can be found in the entire of Mumbai as it is national food I would say. People enjoy eating vada pav like no other dish ever!

3. Pani-Puri:

Who doesn’t like eating spicy? I think almost everyone does, yeah? That’s exactly what Pani-puri is to me. Teeka paani aur sukhi puri is a total mandatory after eating pani-puri. The cost may vary from place to place, however, it shouldn’t go more than Rs. 30/-.

4. Shawarma:

Yes!! It is indeed the newest trend that people have begun to enjoy. A dish that non-vegetarians like eating, and it is so budget-friendly that you and your entire group can have. Also, at someplace some offers attract the customers' Rs. 90/- for 3, Rs. 100 for 2… Well, you should be really lucky enough to come across an offer like that.

5. Chinese Bhel:

Last, but not least. Chinese bhel usually comes in the range of Rs. 10 to Rs.25/- per plate depending upon which place do you eat. Consisting of different things and that extra dry noodles can really make your stomach full.